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I want to write a novel, but:
A: can’t pick which of my three developed plots I want to ruin first by writing them
B: if I put it online no one will read
C: if I try to publish it no one will read, if it even GETS published
D: why care about myself and all of my hopes and dreams with my arts,when commissioners are screaming at me to get art that they didn’t even pay for yet.


Anonymous asked:

Can't you tell that the horse in your avatar is clearly uncomfortable? It's sort of obvious...

Hello hi actually he is not, at least not becuase of my choices as a rider. He is a little scaredy cat and was sitting totally fine and I had my reins fairly relaxed (not all the way because we were at an away show and he gets skittish) and when my mom went to take the photo a little kid and a yappy dog went sprinting by. Soon as the this photo was snapped he reared up and I damn near fell off because he was totally calm .05 seconds ago. Also I mentioned on the photo set containing this photo, but I’ll say it again:
He grinds his teeth and has an overbite, so with any bit in his teeth show. Hell even in a halter, sometimes his teeth show. Why? He’s an old man who grinds his overbite into being worse. We’re trying to get it fixed but the dentist says he can’t really do much since Freddie is so old and it’s not worth it anymore.
So before you trying and call me out on hurting my horse, try to think of everything going on outside of that photo you can’t see.

You probably think that’s too far to even have to care. Well take a look at where you live, what if it happened there? You have to know the urge to make a change lies within, and we can be the reason that they see their flag rise again
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